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Noriyo Yasunaga

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People will hope to continue forever, the presence unchanged find hope and peace of mind.

It, people these are nothing else to because they already get a feel that it does not exist originally.

People are aware unknowingly, is in the Between the end and the beginning “no” or “blank” is, therefore, but there is no form, taking the edge of the nature of the world is not a false, also has been contained.

2013 MA, Tama Art University, Tokyo
2011 BFA, Tama Art University, Tokyo

Solo Exhibitions:
2011 “Memory, Intuitions, Expectation” / Danasya , Chiba
2010 “Life – Paintings 01-22” / Space Annex Gallery, Tokyo

Selected group exhibitions:

Time Difference : Seattle–New York–Tokyo / SOIL Collective and Artist-run Gallery, Seattle
Japanese Artist Collective Pop-Up Exhibition / Prole Drift Gallery, Seattle

“Yobu, Yobu, Yobu” / Turner Gallery, Tokyo
“Graduate Exhibition” / Tama Art Univercity,Tokyo

“Immediate Issue” / Medamothi , Switzerland
“International Art&Design Critiques session” / Tama Art Univercity,Tokyo
“Love,Infinity,Cellar” / Tama Art Univercity,Tokyo

“3331independants” / 3331Arts Chiyoda,Tokyo
“The Alumni Association of Tama Art University Exhibiton ” / Bumpodo,Tokyo
“Youngest Artist Marathon” / BankART Life Ⅲ(Shin Minatomura), Yokohama

“Students Night vol.2 -off limits-” Yasuhara Ryoichiro / Blanclass,Yokohama
“Pareru Piruremu Poreriremu” Turner Gallery, Tokyo

“Komazawa Museum × Art” / Komazawa Park Housing Gallery, Tokyo
“Art Student Exhibition in NY” / ISE Cultural Foundation, NY
“Theatrical Art” / Tama Art University , Tokyo

“Art Student Exhibition in NY” / ISE Cultural Foundation, NY
“Timagine” / Art In Gallery,Tokyo
“geisai#11″/ Tokyo Big SIght,Tokyo
“Imitation Art” / Tama Art University , Tokyo
“VIA ART2008” / Shinwa Art Museum, Tokyo
“THE SIX 08” / Hillside Terrace, Tokyo

Artist in Residence:
2011 “The Art of Climbing Mountains” , Chiba
2008 “Yatsuo Slow Art Show 2008” Asahi Art Festival, Toyama


Graduation from Tama Art University excellent work / Tama Art University, Tokyo

Fineart prize “Imitation Art” / Tama Art University, Tokyo