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Takayuki Matsuo

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Takayuki Matsuo is contemporary artist base in New York.
He attend The Musashino Cooking College, and he received a cooking license in Japan.
After graduation, he studied architecture at The Art and Architecture School of Waseda University, in Tokyo.
He is a self-taught conceptual artist.

His pieces are based on found object.
He is interested in something that people do not interest.
His life work is collecting “tiny waste” that is something seems like meaningless.

He is pursuing to find new value and new meaning by adding some process to the picked object.

As a method for doing it, He is creating photographs, paintings, sculptures, videos also, While adding knowledge of architecture and cuisine.

I grew up in developed countries.
As I traveled Asia as a backpacker, I have become to have doubts about my society.
“What is the value of things? “, “What is meaningless?”
I currently collect “tiny waste” as a life work.
I am interested in things people do not interest.
By observing and recording them, I would like to find out new values ​​for myself and society.

On the other hand, I have began to think about the purity of the society in which I live.
“What is certain thing?”, ” What is a universal thing?”
One of them is the basic things, typical things, society has ever created.
I use them as a ruler or scale to measure things.
I will rebuild the criteria to see society again.

Through art I am exploring how I should be exist in society.
2016 Selected group exhibition, “Time lag”, Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art, Hyōgo
2016 Selected group exhibition,”Monster Exhibition 2016″, Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo
2016 “Bushwick open studio”, BUshwick, New York
2015 “Bushwick open studio”, Bushwick, New York
2015 Solo exhibition, “Greed”, Makari, New York
2014 Selected group exhibition, “DAMBO Art Festival 2014”, DAMBO, New York
2003 Studied, The Architecture, Art and Architecture School of Waseda University, Tokyo
2000 Cooking License in Japan, The Cooking, Musashino Cooking College, Tokyo
He is a self-taught conceptual artist.
He is belong to Art Beasties that is Artist group.