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Tokio Kuniyoshi

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Born and raised in Okinawa, JAPAN, based in New York. He moved to San Francisco in 2002 and got into the photography world. He started learning from the basic by himself and looking everywhere through the finder. After spending 4 years in SF, he relocated himself in New York to seek his unknown possibilities and new opportunities. He currently owns his own photo studio “Studio11 New York”, focusing on shooting more of his fine arts photography. The philosophy behind his photography is to look into the objects differently. He has his own unique way of looking into the world and capturing the way that brings photography to not just a framed scene but also an artwork. His works can tell a story and stimulate your senses, and before you realize, you are in his world.
2002- moved to San Francisco
04-06 – CCSF Photography major
2006 – moved to New York
2008 – established shootinglife LLC in New York
2009 – set up own photo studio in New York
now – currently in New York

• international photography awards
Honorable Mention (professional)
2009 Buildings, Lifestyle
2010 Buildings
2011 Portrait
2012 Portrait

• 6th Dave Bown international Art competition
Honorable Mention

urban landscapes 2013
second place

• “Best of Photography 2013” by Photographer’s FORUM
finalist 2013

one year (July 2005 Okinawa, JAPAN)

silence and motion (July 2006 San Francisco, U.S)

SYNK vol 3 (Februaly 2007 New York, U.S)

wordless eloquence *07 (March 2007 New York, U.S)

The King of Funky Soul (July 2007 New York, U.S)

inspiration (September 2007 New York, U.S)

Art of Autumn (October 2007 New York, U.S)

$99 Art Fair
(December 2007 New York, U.S)
(April 2008 New York, U.S)
(June 2008 New York, U.S)

Jazzlicious (May 2008 New York, U.S)

The Beginning of New Classics (September 2008 New York, U.S)

The Art Market
(December 2008 New York, U.S)
(April 2009 New York, U.S)

TORAPOTE -ride it!- (June 2009 New York, U.S)

82FM (September 2009 Okinawa, Japan)

Traces of Nature (March 2010 New York, U.S)

Tokio Kuniyoshi Photography (October 2010 Okinawa, Japan)

Love Save Japan (March 2011 New York, U.S)

Dear Japan, With Love, New York (March 2011 New York, U.S)

eye of the wolf (April 2011 New York, U.S)

RISE JAPAN (April 2011 San Francisco, U.S)

ASCENSION (May 2011 New York, U.S)

B SOL (September 2011 New York, U.S)

Essential ~EroticA~ (March 2012 New York, U.S)

Beauty in the Beast (April 2012 New York, U.S)

GIMME SHELTER (May-June 2013 New York, U.S)

Art at GARI (July-Octber 2013 New York, U.S)

FALL2013 Prize winners exhibition
(September 2013 New York, U.S)