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MAHO HIKINO is a video artist born in Hyogo Japan. Her B.A. in Liberal Arts was received from Doshisha Women’s College, Kyoto in 2008 and earned a Master of Arts degree from Tama Art University, Tokyo in 2010. Subsequent to that She lived and worked in Tokyo, produced video installation, short film, animation and art project. And she moved to New York City in 2013 for working and exhibition her-self art project.


I want to catch beauty that originally exist in the world, its such as the textures, motions. and memory. These things must be change and lost. All sensation, all emotion, all lovers, we hope to cherish these things forever, but disappeared without our noticing in no time at all.

Through Art (“Geijutsu”), I pursuit the appetite for the truth.
Why must I be here? What are we clinging to? In this world where everything will go and be lost, What kind of meaning that has?
Art, its only way to believe there is give us the answer in.
Because my Art pieces based on the appetite to seek the truth in affirming the Existence of the world.

“We have art in order not to die of the truth.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Solo Exhibition “HIKINO MAHO Solo Exhibition” (The Artcomplex Center/Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “MIRROR” (Pepper’s Gallery/Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “J_ART 2ND” (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center /NY)
Solo Exhibition “HIKINO MAHO Video Exhibition” (double tall cafe Shibuya /Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “MIRROR: HIKINO MAHO Video Art Exhibition”
(Gallery cafe bar [enyen] /Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “ART STYLING with NOS Aoyama” (NOS Aoyama /Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Holiday Vol.6″(Gallery KINGYO /Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Tama Art University & Universität der Künste Berlin Exhibition (Gallery LE DECO /Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Holiday Vol.5″(Gallery KINGYO/Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Tama Art University Graduation Exhibition”(Tama Art University /Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “MIRROR#2~chilll out”(Pepper’s Gallery/Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “TOKYO SCREENING”(About Floor/NY)
Group Exhibition “IDD TAMACOM’09 -Thinking Bubbles-“(Bank ART Studio NYK /Yokohama)
Solo Exhibition “MIRROR#2″(Shinjuku Ganka garou /Tokyo)
Film Festival “6th North Shinano Obuse Film Festival,60-Second Cinema Competition”(Nagano)
Group Exhibition “ART & PHOTO -100 Persons’ Portfolio Exhibition”(Shinjuku Ganka garou /Tokyo)
solo Exhibition “Drawing Piano”(AD&A gallery /Osaka)
Group Exhibition “Aki Kono,Chika Mukai,Maho Hikino exhibition”(msc gallery /Kyoto)
Group Exhibition “Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Department of Information and Media promotional execution exhibition”(DOSHISHA ROHM PLAZA / Kyoto)
Group Exhibition “Kotonoha_hirari” (Keihanna international forum /Kyoto)
Group Exhibition “Kotonoha_hirari”(Japan Atomic Energy Agency _Kyoto)
Group Exhibition “Minamo ni mau, Hikariuta.”(Sanjo akari keshiki /Kyoto)

2010 “ARTBOX Vol.8 Contemporary-Artist File Contemporary ART”
2010 “Hyper Art Catalogue”

2010 “MIRROR#3″16th Student CG Contest, Last Nomination

2008 “MIRROR#2″6th North Shinano Obuse Film Festival and 60-Second Cinema Competition
2007 “MIRROR” Art & Technology Northeast 2007,Special Jury Prize

2010 (M.A) Information Art Course, Tama Art University
2008 (B.A) Department of Information and media, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts