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Masaya Nakayama

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1983 Born in Osaka, Japan
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

M.A, Osaka University of Arts (Fine Arts, Japanese Painting)
2009-2012 Teacher in the public school in Osaka, Department of Fine Arts

Since he was young, he was obsessed to drawing by the influence of his father, who was an artist in his young age. His concept is the gap between purity and insanity. As a person learns the social mechanism and form one’s characteristics, generating both contradiction and possibility, he projects the fragile hope that he finds in his own childhood. Now that the unclear peace theory is about to collapse, it is time to ask ourselves, whom don’t know anything about the real war, what so-called “complacent with peace” really is. By using a paper called Mashi (hemp paper) as canvas, you will catch a glimpse of perfect purity of human existence through the natural white paper color peeking through the layers of bleeding pigments.

“Making History” (Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery/NY)
“Bushwick Open Studio 2015” (44Stewart Brooklyn/NY)
“Domesticated space travelers Exhibition” (Galerie Project,Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery/NY)
“Open Call” (Lorimoto Gallery/NY)
“Bushwick Benefit” Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery, NY
“Bushwick Open Studio 2014” (Brooklyn/NY)
”Paper works unbound” (Williamsburg Historical Center/NY)
Solo Exhibition “Stain proof” (JaNet Hall/NY)
“Bushwick Open Studio 2013” (Brooklyn/NY)

M.A, Osaka University of Arts (Fine Arts, Japanese Painting)